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"From Sheep to SHERO"

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“You can not solve the problems of today, thinking the way you did when you created them.” Einstein.


So what is a shero? Who is a shero? And finally, how does it tie into BS and the tribe? Simply put, shero stands for spirituality, humanity, enlightenment, responsibility and opportunity. These are five universal principles. Spirituality in that we realize that there is something bigger than oneself. Humanity, in that giving becomes our number one priority and not getting. Enlightenment in that we constantly need to learn and grow realizing if we don’t grow we perish. This applies to personal growth as much as it does to business growth. Responsibility in that we are in charge of making choices for ourselves and thus are empowered in doing so. Although we many not be able to control all the events that occur around us, we are solely responsible for how we react to the events. Opportunity in realizing there is no such thing as failure there is opportunity for learning and growth in every situation. Simply put these five words are principles in which we hold close to us. These are constructive and positive principles by which we define ourselves with our environment. It is what gives our lives meaning and inspires us to keep moving forward. If you show ownership of shero then you will naturally commit to them and it will become as natural to you as breathing.

Belief systems are usually based on the past. They come from something that was passed on from generation to generation. They are usually a sentence long and are generalizations about people and the world. They are perceptual filters in that when we believe something we walk, talk and act as if it’s true. The irony is that we consider beliefs true without positive proof. They are generalization we make about the world around us. They are maps we have made in order to help us figure out where it is we need to go, have to go, must go. Sometimes the belief is so embedded in our psyche that we don’t own it anymore, the belief owns us. Beliefs have the power to create or destroy. Think 9/11 and the beliefs held by the pilots flying into the building. Think Kamikaze and the beliefs held by the pilots as they smashed into navy ships. Now think Mother Theresa or Gandhi and the beliefs associated with them.

In this story I have made many references to Armenian tribal beliefs. I am very proud that both my parents are Armenian and direct descendants of the Armenian Diaspora as a result of the 1915 Genocide. The significance of this is that although my parents were born outside of Armenia, they maintained their culture, language, and their BS. That is in part what shaped me and brought me to this point to be able to share this book with you. It was difficult for me to question tribal BS as it was what defined me in the bubble that I was raised in. But it is important to further define what I refer to when I speak of tribal. It is not just an Armenian concept. Tribal can be applied to Italians, Indians, Greeks, Japanese, and to all tribes of the world. Tribal can be broken down or built up. What I mean is that you can say the global tribe as a way of looking at the bigger picture or you can break it down and call your immediate family your tribe. The tribe could be people with common ethnic and cultural or simply a group of persons in a corporation Anytime there is a group of people that identify themselves with each other that becomes a tribe. Depending on the context tribal mentality is used, it can be either constructive or destructive. Depending on the beliefs associated within that tribe, it can cause a person to either appreciate or depreciate in the way they perceive the world around them. There are beliefs that keep us from living fully. They separate us from other cultures as opposed to merge us in humanity. Beliefs sometimes turn into ‘us versus them’ dogma. As an example, the principle of spirituality brings people together. However the dogma in how we perceive the path to spirituality separates us. In other words, we consider ourselves spiritual by thinking we are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist, yet we don’t embrace the fundamental point of spirituality in terms of coming together as we are too busy separating each other by man made rules and regulations. Throw into that equation mistrust, fear, paranoia, and rally around the flag complex and we have the state of the world as we see it today. By leaving the destructive tribal BS that only serves to divide us and embracing the five principles of shero no matter what tribe were in, we become closer to living a life of fulfillment. We do not have to give up our uniqueness and backgrounds only destructive beliefs. We must find peace within ourselves as individuals prior to expecting peace from an outside source. Real lasting change come from the inside out, not outside in.

I see human beings as pieces of a puzzle that make up the world. If you imagine the earth as a giant jigsaw puzzle and think of all the people as a piece of the puzzle you will realize that we are all individual and unique, yet without any of us the picture would not be complete. It doesn’t matter your gender, race, nationality, economic background, religion, or age. You can break down this list to finite details but the result is the same. The principles that spell out the word shero explain the power everyone has to evolve.

If we incorporate the five principles of spirituality, humanity, enlightenment, responsibility, and opportunity in our daily lives, we will improve the quality of our own lives and unlock our true potential and authentic selves. By walking the walk and talking the talk, we will have a rippling effect within our immediate families community, cities, states, and countries.

The reason this book is titled sheep to shero is to show the difference between being a sheep-like follower and not questioning things to evolving into someone who questions the status quo incorporating shero principles for a constructive solution to all beliefs. Many people reading this will identify with the BS and may even relate it to the way in which they look at themselves and the world. So how does this differentiate between all the excellent books that are out there? Only in that I am not giving you tools you do not already have, as I believe we all have the answers within ourselves if we sit still to listen. I am simply giving you five principles packaged in a word that you can carry with you as a guideline in which you approach this time you are given on this planet. I am introducing the word shero as one principle.  Being aware of the concept of shero will enable you, with a snap of a finger, to be shero.

This book has been inspired by actual events but certain points have been glorified or toned down to make the point. The main characters are Arka (Armenian for King) and Takouhi (Armenian for Queen). There is significance to the names. Not necessarily that it ties in with my cultural heritage, but more in that it represents that each and every one of us are our own Kings and Queens. We are ultimately in charge of ourselves. This is a story about a person who took on a chapter of her life with shero as she questioned and adjusted the tribal belief systems she was raised with. This is a story about all that is shero and all that is and can be you!  I hope the following pages resonate with you in some way. I hope that by reading the story you realize how we have so many things in common. We all share the same nervous system after all. Where I have smiled in the book I hope you will too.  Where I have cried in the book I hope you can feel it with me. The rest of the map, the belief system, is in our hands. We can either create an amazing map that will get us to exactly where it is we want to go with ease, comfort, and love, or we can choose the status quo eat what we’re fed and in doing so constantly spin our wheels out of control not knowing where we’re going or what we’re doing. I’m here to invite you to entertain the notion that ‘Tuum Est,’ Latin for it’s up to you. If done right, the sun will never set when living the principles that make shero! Enjoy!


Special Never Before Seen Pictures with Story in Chapter 8 pgs 103-104

From Diapers to DIVA