What do we I mean by Hope A Scope? It's my empowered version of Horoscope.  It's a phrase I have coined to bring to light treasured moments spent with my Grandmother and mother on a daily basis. In Armenian tradition we drink what is known as Armenian coffee (a small shot of coffee somewhat similar to an espresso).  Yes it is also called Turkish coffee, Greek coffee etc. in fact it is common throughout the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus and the Balkans. The point is beyond where it originated and which part of the world it 'belongs' to.

Once we finish drinking the coffee we turn the cup over on its plate and when the coffee is dry we turn it around and the gifted among us read our fortune. I do not profess to claim that anyone in my family had the gift to foretell the future however; they were gifted in the ability to uplift and encourage. That's why I called the moments in time shared with the two great influences in my life as Hope A Scope time. They had an uncanny way of reading my mood and becoming a cheerleader by way of communicating through the so called visions they saw in the cup.

Their positivity gave me Hope so it became my daily Hope A Scope reading. It wasn't about the man I was going to meet, or that I would have riches beyond my imagination; it was a reminder of who I am as a person and what great things I am capable of. And that is what I wish for all of you as you journey with the SHERO principles.

On this page I will present to you a daily quotation to help propel and inspire you to another level as you incorporate SHERO principles. It is my way of keeping with the Hope A Scope tradition! Of course if you ever want to sit down and have an Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Balkan, Middle Eastern, North African cup of coffee with me so I can read your Hope A Scope in person then why not?  Enjoy!

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